Southern Skies Stargazing – The View From Down Under: NZ and UK

Field Trip

Take an extraordinary journey from Dunedin’s blazing Milky Way, via the southern constellations and the aurora australis, to the northern night skies above Britain.

Under the dome at the Otago Museum’s Perpetual Guardian Planetarium, well-known British astrophysicist and Otago Museum Director, Dr Ian Griffin will introduce the differences and delights of the skies in each hemisphere, and share his images and observations on astrophotography on both sides of the world.

Then travel to the edge of the Pacific Ocean on the most British of all transports, an original London double-decker bus, and meet up with local astronomers to take a closer look at the sky through high-powered telescopes.

You will be dropped back to the city centre or the Museum in time to explore more of the city and its delicious food and wine experiences.

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