SCAPE Public Art Walkway

SCAPE Public Art installs free-to-view contemporary public art in Christchurch city. Our vision is for Christchurch people to be excited, engaged and stimulated by the contemporary public art that is well regarded and known by the national and international art world.

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What do we do?

SCAPE Public Art installs public art in Christchurch all year round with a focus on the Annual Seasons. SCAPE Public Art is the Christchurch expert in the installation of public art, and the SCAPE Public Art Seasons are New Zealand’s Premier Public Art Event.

Over the past 18 years we have become the largest producer of new contemporary artwork in New Zealand. These artworks provide a unique point of difference for the city. Ambitious and high impact, they enhance the urban centre and raise the profile for public art in Christchurch.

Held in Christchurch’s central city public spaces and supported through a range of partnerships, the Seasons showcase leading national and international contemporary artists, and provide a springboard for emerging local talent. Works in the Seasons are created because of close collaboration between art and business. This is a highly-regarded model world-wide.

Annual seasons provide an opportunity to focus on the introduction of new works whilst maintaining focus on the impressive base of legacy pieces.

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