Personalised fine arts tour

Be introduced to the fine visual arts of Dunedin. According to your specific interests, you may be taken to top dealer galleries, corporate collections, featured public art, fabulous street art and/or even an artist’s studio.

You will have as a guide one of two knowledgeable experienced art lovers, well known to the gallerists. This will both take you with ease and quickly to a variety of destinations and provide independent commentary.

All this is tailored according to your specific interests in art, whether for general interest, deepening your understanding of the country and city through artist expression or as an art lover or collector.

We meet for your convenience, travel on your personalized tour then finish by taking you near to where you need to go to next, accommodation/transport/other.

It is possible that we will use public transport and/or a car/van.

A fabulous way to see the city, taken everywhere with ease.

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