Ogo Ball

Family Fun for Everyone!

It can be difficult to find activities that the whole family can enjoy together. They need to be exciting enough to hold a young mind’s interest, but safe enough to give you peace of mind to relax and enjoy yourself, too. OGO is the answer!

If you haven’t heard of OGO yet then you’re in for a treat. Unlike other ball-rolling operations in that it has been designed with families in mind. Children as young as six can participate in the fun. With a variety of courses available, it’s up to you to choose from a flat course, a water course, or the largest downhill course in the world. Up to three people can fit in one OGO, or split into teams for some friendly family competition!

It can be a great confidence-building activity for children, being in control of their own huge plastic ball. It also encourages family members to work as a team for an unforgettable bonding experience.

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