New Zealand Provincial Barbarians Team Whakatau

The Powhiri for the NZ Provincial Barbarians will be held at Maumahara (remember) building housed at Te Kapehu Whetu (TKW) on Herekino St. The school are honoured to be welcoming the NZ Provincial Barbarians team to Whangarei on behalf of the city.

As mentioned the school’s leadership academy has been the basis of its conception and is a common thread throughout the school’s curriculum.  The Maumahara building is significant as it is where many of their official welcomes are conducted, but more importantly the leaders of the A Academy from WW2 who showed courage, bravery and mana that adorn their walls. It is this notion that TKW are wishing to bestow on to the visiting NZ Provincial Barbarians team to encourage them to do well in battle against the Lions and that the forbearers, the community of Whangarei and the wider Tai Tokerau are totally supportive in their quest for victory.

The NZ Provincial Barbarians team will be called into the Maumahara building by the reveille followed by the Putatara, both instruments signifying  “be ready, be awaken visitors approach”, this will then be accompanied by the wero (challenge) for the visitors.

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